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Getting Back into the Groove... [Aug. 11th, 2013|04:08 pm]
Wench with Wrench


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I've had a lull in my writing, both book-wise and blog-wise, because I've been in a funk.

Publisher issues (yes, more than one) and convention blues have depleted my creative energies.

But now I think I'm turning a corner.

Some of the geek reviews that I am planning include:

Star Trek: The Next Generation: I just finished the original series (I had never seen all the episodes before) and I may start my Star Trek journey by reviewing them first, but I am just about to embark on revisiting my favorite in the ST series, and I was thinking of reviewing it show by show... and then going on to DS9 and Voyager and Enterprise...

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Yet another series I just finished. I had begrudgingly watched the series until Spike got a soul and started a relationship with Buffy. But now I have finally finished it, and I am about to start from the beginning again. I am planning on giving my review on when I first saw the episodes, and my changed feelings (if any) that I have watching them many years later...

Dr. Who: I am a bad geek. It is the 50th anniversary of Dr. Who, and I didn't even know there had been three new Doctors in recent years. I had watched the old episodes once upon a time, and they really didn't have an impact, although I did like the Daleks. But now I'm wondering, what has kept this series going for so very long, with fans that are very, very passionate about their favorite space alien.

Books are also going to be reviewed, as well as conventions and amusement parks (I am a geek on MANY levels) and conventions (RKO CON, the national Rocky Horror Convention is the next one up) and renaissance faires will be reviewed. Plays may happen too, as well as movies...

Sleep? Who needs that?