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Review: The Color of Magic Movie [Mar. 29th, 2013|04:16 pm]
Wench with Wrench


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I always loved Terry Pratchett's books.

I am a big fan of humorous fiction, and his subtle way of being silly in a fun world that he's created always is a treat to read.

I knew there were (TV) movies out based on Discworld (the world in Pratchett's universe), but I had never gotten a chance to see them.

So recently I watched The Color of Magic, which was a two episode film based on the books The Color of Magic and The Light Fantastic.

Sean Astin plays Twoflower, Discworld's first tourist. He pairs up with Rincewind (played by David Jason) a wizard who was expelled for Unseen University after 40 years of failed training (sounds like a lot of people at college).

Meanwhile, the bad guy Trymon played by - surprise, surprise - Tim Curry has plans to overthrow the Archchancellor of Unseelie University and become all powerful. What is stopping him is one powerful spell that somehow got stuck in Rincewind's head.

The heroes' adventures - mostly created from trying to avoid and getting into trouble - lead them to the literal end of the world (Discworld is actually a disc on the back of four elephants who are standing on the top of the shell of the turtle Great A'tuin) and over...

In case you aren't already blown away by the amazing cast, add Christopher Lee and Jeremy Irons into the mix. There was no way I was not watching this movie.

And I was not disappointed. This had all the lighthearted humor and fun of a Pratchett book, but all the action and interesting characters of a fantasy movie. Actually, scratch that. The characters were much more interesting than a fantasy movie.

Although there was the wizard, human, barbarian, helpless victim, they were more than the cookie cut-outs of every other film. In this movie, the wizard has limited knowledge and has no idea what's going on as opposed to the all-seeing, all-powerful and mysterious Oz. The human isn't on a particular mission; he's on vacation. The barbarian is old enough to collect social security. And the helpless victim... well, she's still a little helpless, but not nearly as annoying as other helpless victims I've seen.

And the bad guys... well, I'm a little biased as Tim Curry can do no wrong in my book. But in this role, he fit well, being slick and wicked and always smiling a little too wide with the evilness.

And then, of course, there was Death, voiced by Christopher Lee. Death has always been my favorite character in the Discworld series. It is amazing how Pratchett took this abstract and made him a fun, three-dimensional character with an odd sense of humor.

One last thing: Pratchett makes a cameo in the movie, a la Hitchcock. I won't say where in the movie. You're just going to have to watch the movie yourself to find him.